Welcome to fiduciaire horlogère suisse

We are precise and passionate. Just like watchmakers.

The ‘fiduciaire horlogère suisse’ was founded by watchmakers and bankers in 1928.

The ‘fiduciaire horlogère suisse’ fulfills the independent statues in force, and – as its founder members - respects the attention that must be given to precision and the care that is required in the watchmaking industry.

With its three daughter companies fiduciaire collabo sa, fiduciaire soresa sa and fhs fidufisc sa the fiduciaire horlogère suisse guarantees high quality accounting and consulting services in the Jura and the Espace Mittelland.

We are the ideal partner for small and medium size companies (SME), public sector institutions or associations, but also for individuals who are looking for classical fiduciary or tax services. Our clients benefit from our personalized global service offering at reasonable prices.

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